The Best Places To Get Deals On Paper Towels

You’re going to want to be sure you have a reliable paper towel to pick up after guests who make a mess, and leave germs in and out of your home. Here are the best paper towel brands and the crown goes firmly to name brands, not store brands.

Bounty DuraTowel

The brand’s DuraTowel captured the #1 spot and was a recommended buy.

It scored 96 out of 100.

But beware of the price tag. It’s $4.04 for 34 square feet per roll!

Bounty Extra Soft

The Extra Soft version took the #2 spot on the tally and was also a recommended buy.

It scored 75 out of 100 and is more modestly priced at $2.62.

The sizing here is 59 square feet per roll.

Meanwhile, Bounty’s third entry was Basic Select-A-Size paper towel. It came in at #6 with a price point of $2.10 and offered 47 square feet per roll.

Viva’s Choose-A-Size

Following the bounty of Bounty entries on this tally, Viva’s Choose-A-Size was also named a recommended buy in third place.

The price on this roll is $2.69 and it scored a 71.

Sizing checks in at 42 square feet per roll.

Switching away from the name brands, a couple of stores brands also made a decent showing…

Great Value Strong & Absorbent

This Walmart product makes the cut at #4 with a score of 68.

The price is $2.09.

The sizing here is 41 square feet per roll.

Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll

This Costco favorite came in right in the middle of the pack with a score of 61.

It’s the most affordable paper towel on the tally with a price tag of $1.47.

But as with all things Costco, you get a lot for your money. Try 85 square feet per roll on for size!